Sustainability Metrics

Source: State 2017 Audited Financial Statements, OAGF

Internally Generated Revenue

₦ 6.44 B

Gross FAAC Allocation

₦ 40.04 B

Recurrent Expenditure

₦ 60.51 B

Capital Expenditure

₦ 34.52 B

Health Metrics

Source: NBS, Ministry of Health, United Nations SDGs, NSHDP, NMCSP, World Bank

Infant Mortality (per 1,000 live births) 64
ACT Malaria Treatment Rate 3%
Child Vaccination 12%
Child Stunting Prevalence 32%
Child Insecticide Net Usage 21%
Maternal Mortality Rate (per 100,000 live births) 367
Use of Skilled Birth Attendant 0.29%
Contraceptive Use Prevalence 0.08%
Doctor Density (per 10, 000) 0.7
Internally Generated Revenue (NGN Bn)
Foreign Debt (USD Mn)
Domestic Debt (NGN Bn)
Total Revenue & Total Debt (NGN Bn)