Performance Metrics

Note: Data displayed are from the 2020 Financial document

Internally Generated Revenue

₦ 117.19 B

Gross FAAC Allocation

₦ 149.75 B

Recurrent Expenditure

₦ 113.65 B

Capital Expenditure

₦ 168.36 B

Other Metrics

Source: NBS, Ministry of Health, United Nations SDGs, NSHDP, NMCSP, World Bank

Recomended Job Creation Target Per Year for the next 4 years 409730
Unemployment + Underemployment 59.22%%
Poverty Rate 23.91%
IGR(YoY) -16.53%%
Gross FAAC(YoY) -11.46%%
Captial Expenditure(YoY) -24.14%
Internally Generated Revenue (NGN Bn)
Foreign Debt (USD Mn)
Domestic Debt (NGN Bn)
Total Revenue & Total Debt (NGN Bn)