Performance Metrics

Note: Data displayed are from the 2021 Financial document

Internally Generated Revenue

₦ 26.67 B

Gross FAAC Allocation

₦ 48.28 B

Recurrent Expenditure

₦ 74.95 B

Capital Expenditure

₦ 35.91 B

Other Metrics

Source: NBS, Ministry of Health, United Nations SDGs, NSHDP, NMCSP, World Bank

Ease of doing Business Ranking 29
Health Spending per Capita 8.86bn
Education Spending per Capita 24.83bn
IGR(YoY) 36%%
Total Revenue(YoY) -0.91%%
Captial Expenditure(YoY) 59.04%
Internally Generated Revenue (NGN Bn)
Foreign Debt (USD Mn)
Domestic Debt (NGN Bn)
Total Revenue & Total Debt (NGN Bn)